ITS ITALIA S.p.A. is committed to continually operating ethically and responsibly and likewise asks all those with whom it collaborates to work in the same way.

What to report

ITS ITALIA S.p.A. strongly encourages directors, supervisory bodies, freelancers and consultants, volunteers, including unpaid ones, and its employees to report any improper, dishonest, or potentially illegal activity-potential, highly probable, or already committed-as well as conduct that may cause damage or harm, including image damage, to the company.

To this end, ITS ITALIA S.p.A. has implemented specific rules and a whistleblowing process in accordance with the requirements of Legislative Decree 24/2023 to provide potential reporters with secure channels that ensure the confidentiality of their identity and the information contained in the report and their protection from retaliation.

What not to report

Reports other than those indicated above and, specifically, those related to personal interests, news that is patently unfounded, information that is already totally in the public domain, as well as information acquired on the basis of only rumors or poorly reliable rumors (so-called “rumors”) will not be processed.

How to report

ITS ITALIA S.p.A. has set up a secure external digital platform to ensure the confidentiality of the reporting process.

After receiving the report

The Whistleblowing process consists of the following steps:

  • Receipt of reports;
  • Preliminary assessment of appropriateness;
  • Execution of the survey;
  • Closure of reports.

The REPORT MANAGER checks the reports received to ascertain the facts described. The results of the investigation and the proposed prevention/mitigation/penalty measures to be taken are then submitted to management.