Welfare care

Our company is proud to announce its support for WelfareCare, a benefit society dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer. We believe it is important for companies to contribute to the fight against this disease and support organizations dedicated to its prevention.

Breast cancer prevention is of fundamental importance to women's health. With early diagnosis, the chances of survival are significantly higher. Unfortunately, not all women have access to the information and resources necessary for prevention. WelfareCare is committed to promoting prevention throughout the country through the support of partners and entrepreneurs sensitive to the issue, organizing events throughout Italy.

On February 25th 2023, an event was held in the municipality of Resana, where ITS Italia is based, in which women not included in screening programs were able to undergo free mammograms and ultrasounds with immediate delivery of the report. This event represented an opportunity for the women in our municipality to access free screening services and receive information on breast cancer prevention.

As a company, we believe it is our duty to support organizations like WelfareCare and support events that promote breast cancer prevention. We are convinced that through our support, we can help spread important information and help women prevent this disease.

Together, we can make a difference in the fight against this disease.