... / JFK rod ends and spherical plain bearings

Rod end maintenance free DIN 648 K - UNI ISO 8139

Coupling type: Steel/PTFE

This rod end type is maintenance-free and uses a metal coupling (spherical ring) on metal fabric and PTFE that ensures operation in various applications without the need for product lubrication.
The PTFE band is applied between the inner spherical ring and the joint body.

The maintenance-free rod end DIN 648 K - UNI ISO 8139 is a fully self-lubricating bearing and therefore ensures stable performance and relatively long life.

On request, it is possible to have the product made of AISI 316 stainless steel.



We offer customized and certified products.

Thanks to this type of coupling type, this rod-end is used in various applications, such as in fitness equipment, hydraulic pistons.

It is suitable in all those fields of applications for normal operating conditions: for example unilateral and alternated load in a limited manner, otherwise in a slow movement for angle/corner from load-sided and limited or slow reciprocating movement of oscillation angles from small to medium.

Series JMT and equivalent KA..ED

Series JFT and equivalent KJ..ED

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