Two-piece cast iron bearing housings

The supports are mainly made of cast iron. On request, however, we also provide steel and spheroidal cast iron supports.
Since the bearings are usually grease lubricated and the first greasing lasts relatively long, most supports are not equipped with relubrication holes. There are, however, special spaces or markings that, in case of need, allow the creation of lubrication holes. When relubrication, make sure that excess grease can leak out.

All external surfaces of the supports and their components processed without chip removal are coated with universal paint. On the paint it is possible to apply all types of synthetic, polyurethane, acrylic enamels, based on epoxy resin, chlorinated rubber, nitro and glazes for hardening hammered effect with acids. The anti-blushing protection layer on internal and external surfaces worked with chip removal can be easily removed.

As a rule, the bearing housings inside the support must be machined in such a way as to allow the bearings to move, i.e. to act as free bearings. To secure the bearings it is necessary to use special seeger.
Seeger must be ordered separately. Supports without seeger are supplied in the execution of free or locked bearing.

Creeping, noncreeping seals and combinations thereof are available for shielding supports, depending on the conditions of use.



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