Linear ball bearings

Linear ball bearings are constituted by a body made of anodized aluminium alloy (which presents the characteristics of isolation and strength), inside two bushes (PTC...SL or PTC...RK) formed by a steel strip appropriately processed and protected by a copper plating or tinning of some microns.
A porous bronze layer is sintered onto such a tape, to which PTFE (a plastic material with an extremely low coefficient of friction) is attached.



We offer customized and certified products.

Linear ball bushings are divided into three series:

  • BA: heavy closed series (dimensionally interchangeable with the series KB);
  • BAO: heavy open series (dimensionally interchangeable with the series KB_O);
  • BAL: light closed series (dimensionally interchangeable with the series KH).


Both the heavy series BA and BAO ball bushings and the light series BAL ball bushings are mass-produced with two scraper rings that consistently ensure good shaft cleanliness, providing longer life for the inner bushings.

If you want ball bushings without sealing rings is necessary to omit the suffix “UU”.

The advantages of these ball bushings derive from the fact that the shaft is not tempered, then the application presents lower production costs. Furthermore, unlike the recirculating ball sleeves, these allow the rotations on the axis, too.

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