Legality Rating 2022

ITS Italia is proud to announce that it has obtained the prestigious Legality Rating with a score of 2 stars. This recognition confirms the company's constant commitment to transparency and fairness in its operational processes.

The Legality Rating is a certification issued by the Italian Competition and Market Authority that attests to a company's full compliance with principles of legality, transparency, and social responsibility, while maintaining high governance standards. The certification is valid for two years and is renewable upon request.

The rating evaluation starts from a base score of ★ and goes up to a maximum score of ★★★.

The Legality Rating allows for important benefits, as it represents an added value for public administrations when granting funding to companies, and similarly, banks consider it a positive variable when evaluating access to credit.

To apply for the Legality Rating, a company must meet certain fundamental requirements: it must have an operational headquarters in Italy, be registered in the business register for at least two years from the date of the application, and comply with other requirements set out in the "Implementation Regulation on Legality Rating" (AGCM, resolution no. 27165/2018).