Double row deep groove ball bearings

Double row deep groove ball bearings Series 42 correspond in structure and function to a pair of single-row deep groove ball bearings.
The balls are contained in a glass-fibre reinforced polyamide cage.



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Due to the presence of “deep grooves” and a high degree of oscillation between raceways and balls, double-row deep groove ball bearings can withstand axial loads in both directions in addition to radial loads, even at high speeds.

These bearings can be supplied open, i.e., without seals, and have grooves in the outer ring to accommodate the seals; or supplied in versions with shields or with sliding seals on one or both sides.

Double-row radial ball bearings, with shields or with seals, are lubricated for life and require no maintenance.

These bearings should not be washed or heated to temperatures above 80°C.


Bearings with shields

Shields represent the most simple form of sealing. The shields are sheet metal shims press fitted into the outer ring groove profile on either one side (suffix -Z) or on both sides (suffix -ZZ). During operation, a collar of grease may develop around the inner ring outside diameter providing some prevention against contaminate penetration, although grease loss is possible for applications where the outer ring rotates at high speed.
In the case of -ZZ shielded bearings that operate with their outer ring rotating, the maximum operating speed must not exceed 40% of the recommended limited speed ratings.


Bearings with seals

Seals form a rubbing contact seal between the bearings inner and outer ring.
Depending upon the bearing design, type and size they are produced with single-lip seal (RS) , or with double lips and the labyrinth in the inner ring (RS2).
If seals are present in both sides are indicated with suffix 2RS or 2RS2. These contacting seals are produced using a wear resistant synthetic rubber (NBR) and are suitable for operating temperatures from -30°C to +120°C.

Double-row deep groove ball bearings are used in all those applications where the inner ring rotates.
In the case where it is the outer ring that rotates, in fact, there is a risk that, at high speeds, grease will leak from the bearing.

Deep groove ball bearings with a polyamide 6.6 cage can be used at temperatures up to +120 °C.

Double row deep groove ball bearings are produced with normal internal clearance (CN) as standard.

The values of standard internal clearance are defined in such a way that bearings with CN clearance will have sufficient residual operating clearance when mounted using “normal” bearing fits.

Single row deep grooved ball bearings are produced to normal tolerance class (PN), as standard.

On request, larger bearings are also available with higher precision in P6 and P5.

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