Cylindrical roller thrust bearings

Cylindrical roller thrust bearings belonging to the series 811 and 812 are single direction acting, separable axial bearings. These series bearings are especially used if the load bearing capacity of thrust ball bearings is insufficient.

Cylindrical roller thrust bearings are suitable in applications with high axial loads. These bearings also prove to be insensitive to shock loads, are very stiff, and require little axial space.
Cylindrical roller thrust bearings are used for low and medium speeds.

They are normally available as single-acting bearings and can only support axial loads acting in one direction.

The cylindrical surface of the rollers is tapered slightly toward the ends, and the resulting contact profile eliminates the formation of damaging end stresses.

As mentioned above, cylindrical roller thrust bearings are decomposable, and individual components can be assembled separately.
The above components are:
- shaft washers, identified by the prefix "WS";
- housing washers, identified by the prefix "GS";
- cylindrical roller and cage assemblies, identified by the prefix "K."
The components are often used separately or in combination with other components in different applications; therefore, they are available as individual parts.

As in all cylindrical roller thrust bearings, increased sliding friction can occur at the end of the cylindrical rollers.

In order to minimize this negative effect, cylindrical roller thrust bearings with large sectional widths are produced using several short rollers on each pocket rather than using single longer rollers.

Cylindrical roller thrust bearings are available in two versions:
1. single-acting version, standard;
2. double-acting version, on request.



We offer customized and certified products.

Single direction design cylindrical roller thrust bearings are produced as standard.

Double direction design cylindrical roller thrust bearings, on the other hand, are produced only on request.

The double-acting bearings can be easily assembled by combining together the components of the single-acting bearings (WS, GS, K) with a suitable intermediate washer, identified with the prefix “ZS” with a centred internal or external.

These intermediate washers should have the same quality and hardness of the bearing washers.

Intermediate washers can be supplied by ITS Italy only upon request.

Cylindrical roller thrust bearings require a minimum load under all operating conditions to ensure kinematically correct rolling element function; especially if they work at high speeds or are subject to strong accelerations or to rapid load changes direction.
The inertia forces of the rollers and cages, and the friction of the lubricant can influence the rolling conditions and cause harmful contact between the rollers and the raceways.

When starting up at low temperatures or high viscosity of the lubricant, it can occur more minimum loads. The weight of the components which affect the bearing, especially if the shaft is vertical, together with the external forces, exceeds the requisite minimum load.
If there is not this so, cylindrical roller thrust bearings must be preloaded using springs or a lockring.

For ITS Italia, cylindrical roller thrust bearings minimum axial load must be 5% of the dynamic load rating.

All cylindrical roller thrust bearing types do not allow any misalignment.
The contacting surfaces of both shaft and housing seats must be parallel.

Depending on the series and size, cylindrical roller thrust bearings are fitted with one of the following cages:

  • cylindrical roller thrust bearings of small size are equipped with polyamide cages 6,6 (suffix “TVP”). Polyamide cages are suitable for operating temperatures up to +120°C;

  • cylindrical roller thrust bearings of larger dimensions are equipped with solid brass cages (suffix “MB”) or with solid steel cages, identified with the suffix “FB.”

If bearings operate continuously at high temperatures or under difficult conditions, ITS Italia recommends the use of metal cages.

Cylindrical roller thrust bearings are produced to normal tolerance class (PN) as standard.

On request these bearings are also produced to closer tolerances, such as tolerance classes P6 and P5.

Cylindriacl roller thrust bearings are used in the following applications:

  • machines for injection mold;
  • presses.

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