Tapered roller bearings

Tapered roller bearings are produced in a variety of designs to accommodate the many possible applications.

Tapered roller bearings have tapered raceways on the inner and outer rings, on which tapered rollers roll in contact.

The design of these bearings makes them such that they can withstand combined radial and axial loads and tilting moments.



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Tapered roller bearings transfer the loads acting on the bearing at a certain angle, the so called “contact angle α” towards the shafts centre line. The ability of tapered roller bearings to accommodate axial loads depends on their contact angle α: the larger the angle, the better the thrust load capacity.

The contact angle of most tapered roller bearings lies between 10° and 16°.

Tapered roller bearings belonging to the 313 series are particularly suitable for axial loads because of their large contact angle, approximately 30°.

These bearings are, in general, decomposable: this indicates that the taper consisting of the inner ring and cage roller assembly can be mounted separately from the outer ring.

Tapered roller bearings have rolling surfaces with a logarithmic type profile, which is used to allow optimal stress distribution in the contacts between the rollers and raceways.

The configuration of the surfaces of the guiding stops and roller heads promotes the formation of the lubricating film in the head/face contacts. This configuration results in greater sensitivity to misalignment.

Angular misalignments not exceeding 1.5′ from their center position usually do not adversely affect the function of single-row tapered roller bearings.

Misalignments not exceeding 1,5 angular minutes from their centre position usually do not negatively affect the function of single row tapered roller bearings.

But it must be considered, that tapered roller bearings which run misaligned are subjected to considerably additional forces that will be shorten their service life and generate increased running noise levels.

Tapered roller bearings are produced to normal tolerance class “PN”, class 4 as standard.

On request these bearings are also produced to closer tolerances, such as tolerance class P6X.

Tapered roller bearings are fitted with pressed steel cages as standard.

Cages of tapered roller bearings usually protrude beyond the bearing faces.
Special care must be taken to follow the abutment dimensions listed in the product section.

The axial clearence of tapered roller bearings is determined during mounting by adjusting one bearing against another.

The changes in shaft length (caused by thermal expansion) lead to changes in operating clearance. For this reason the distance between bearing position should be kept to a minimum.

Bearings require a minimum load under all operating conditions to ensure kinematic correct rolling element function.

For ITS Italia tapered roller bearings, the minimum load must be 2% of the dynamic load rating.

Tapered roller bearings are used in the following applications:

  • pumps;
  • transmissions;
  • compressors (they are present in the wheels of the machines).
  • PN = normal tolerance class
  • P6X = closer tolerances
  • CN = normal internal clearance

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