Bushings for earth-moving machines

Following an in-depth research and a thorough analysis, we have identified three types of bushings that we consider to be the most effective and versatile for application in earth-moving machines: self-lubricating dry elements, re-lubricable bushings, and rolled bronze bushings.

Each type of bushing has specific characteristics that make them particularly suitable for a wide range of applications, ensuring excellent wear resistance and optimal movement efficiency. Let's discover them together.


DJA MOND dry self-lubricating bushings are special mechanical components suitable for heavy-duty and low-speed applications that do not require the use of external lubricants. These bushings are made up of a solid body made of copper, steel or cast iron, with inserts of solid lubricant based on PTFE and/or graphite.

During operation, the graphite creates a thin film that covers both surfaces of the bushing, thus preventing direct contact between the metals. The solid bronze base of the bushings can withstand heavy loads, while the solid lubricant provides self-lubrication without requiring maintenance.

Dja Mond dry self-lubricating bushings show excellent performance even in conditions of extreme temperatures, both high and low, and at low speeds. Consequently, they are particularly suitable for applications requiring high load capacity and intermittent oscillating movements.


Dja Mond re-lubricable bushings are highly specialized radial bearings that offer a wide range of mechanical and physical properties. The basic structure is made up of a low carbon steel shell, which provides remarkable mechanical strength to the bushing. Additionally, the outer surface of the bushing is coated with a 2μm layer of copper to further improve durability and anti-oxidative properties.

Inside the bushing, there is a layer of sintered porous bronze which is impregnated and coated with advanced thermoplastic polymers, such as POM or PEEK. Thanks to the microgroove technology present on the surface, the bushing is able to contain grease and collect any impurities, thus offering high protection against wear and adverse environmental conditions.

Dja Mond re-lubricable bushings are particularly suitable for applications where maintenance is limited or difficult and where working conditions are extreme. For example, these bushings are ideal for use in dirty environments and where continuous or frequent lubrication is not possible. Their ability to withstand rotational and oscillating movements makes them applicable to a wide range of earth-moving machinery.


The bronze rolling bushings Dja Mond are high-quality bushings made entirely of bronze and designed for applications that require continuous lubrication in particularly dirty environments.

These bushings have a sliding surface with grooves that significantly improve their lubrication capability. Their thin wall distinguishes them, allowing them to reduce bulk compared to traditional turned bushings or bearings, while maintaining the same strength and stress levels.

The material used for their manufacture is tin bronze (CuSn8) with excellent sliding characteristics. Thanks to this alloy, the rolled bronze bushings Dja Mond are able to guarantee superior resistance to wear, seizure, high temperatures, and corrosion, as well as a high fatigue limit.

The sliding surface of the rolled bushings is obtained through mechanical processing, with diamond-shaped recesses or through holes, which allow for greater lubricant accumulation and optimal lubrication.

Among the main advantages offered by these bushings are their minimal bulk, weight savings compared to turned bushings or bearings, minimal material usage, and maximum load capacity. Moreover, thanks to the strip processing, it is possible to produce rolled bushings with grooves, making the maintenance process very simple.

Finally, it is important to underline that the flanged version of Dja Mond rolled bronze bushing is able to absorb both axial and radial loads, making this product even more versatile and suitable for multiple applications in earthmoving machinery.