Rulled bronze bushings DJA Mond

Bushings of this type are made entirely of bronze and are particularly suitable for applications requiring relubrication as they operate in dirty environments.

The sliding surface has alveoli that help improve lubrication. Rulled bronze bushings are distinguished primarily by their thin wall, and it is because of this feature that, for the same shaft diameter and stresses, the footprint is smaller than that of a turned bushing or bearing.

These bushings are normally available in cylindrical and flanged formats, but we can also produce them without particular problems to customer design.



We offer customized and certified products.

minimum bulk;

weight savings compared to turned bushings or bearings;

minimum use of material;

maximum load capacity;

• since the bushings are obtained from strips, it is very easy to have them provided with alveoli;

grooves can be obtained;

easy maintenance;

longer lubrication range;

• the collar version absorbs both axial and radial thrusts;

greater lightness;

easy application and assembly.

It is a tin bronze (CuSn8) with excellent sliding characteristics.
This material is particularly suitable when high resistance to wear, grip, high temperatures, corrosion and a high fatigue limit must be ensured.

The sliding surface is obtained by mechanical processing and equipped with rhomboidal indentations (PBC.. AR) or with through holes (PBC.. FP) that allow a greater ability to accumulate lubricant or rhomboidal recesses filled with solid lubricant (PBC.. ARG).

Bronze rolled bushings should always be lubricated, thus not only improving sliding characteristics but also obtained the following advantages:


protection against corrosion of the shaft;

seal against dust and foreign bodies.

Already during the design it is necessary to provide for the possibility of lubrication and in the case of grease, periodic restoration must also be provided. If the stresses are not extreme, it is enough to provide for bushings with rhomboidal alveoli, spidering is not essential and grease can be used as a lubricant.
In the event that oil is used as a lubricant, bushings with a smooth surface, with grooves or with shell alveoli are used.

Rulled bronze bushings are ideal for machinery operating in the presence of impurities, shocks and/or vibrations such as: agricultural machinery, lifting systems, construction machinery, etc.

The bushing should be mounted in a seat with H7 tolerance or less and with a 15° chamfer (45° for flanged bushing) to facilitate assembly.
Once in place the junction zone must be opposite the direction of the load: the inner diameter of the bushing will assume the H9 tolerance.
The shafts must have a hardness possibly greater than 50 HRC, a roughness between 0.4 and 0.8 μm and a tolerance between e7 and f7.

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