Bimetallic bushings DJA Mond

The BJ bushing consists of a bimetallic alloy of steel/bronze or steel/tin aluminium, which has the characteristic of being able to withstand high sliding speeds.

The bimetallic bushing also has:
- good wear resistance;
- high load capacity;
- limited coefficient of friction;
- high tensile strength;
- reduced costs compared to an all-bronze bushing of the same size.

They are manufactured according to ISO3547.
The internal bronze structure has grooves, i.e. grooves of different designs that are used for lubrication. This type of grooves are made to meet an optimal lubrication condition, depending on the application.



We offer customized and certified products.

The BJ bimetallic bushing consists of several layers:

  • Sintered bronze powder: good wear resistance and excellent load capacity.
  • Steel backing: provides high load capacity and excellent heat dissipation.
  • Copper plating: 0.002 mm (on request) provides good corrosion resistance.

Thanks to the characteristics listed above, this type of bushing is used in the automotive industry, such as in petrol and diesel engines, pumps, industrial and agricultural machinery, lifting devices, air conditioners, compressors, automotive gearboxes, leaf springs, heavy-duty vehicle stabilisers, etc.

BJ850 Series

The BJ_850 series is a type of bimetallic bushing consisting of a 6-6-3 bronze inner layer (85% Cu, 6% Sn, 6% Zn, 3% Pb) and a low-carbon steel outer backing made from semi-finished steel.
This bushing has similar properties to BJ_800.

It can be produced in cylindrical, flanged and washer version.

C0 max:   120 N/mm2

C max:   65 N/mm2

Hardness Alloy:   70-100 HB

Max temperature:   260 °C

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